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Where to stay at Heathrow? Sofitel Heathrow T5 review

I’ve been through Heathrow quite a lot over the past 3 years… around 20 times or so.

And now I only have one hotel I ever stay at – the Sofitel at T5…   Why?

Well – firstly I am almost always flying from T5 – if you were at other terminals, some of the benefits do disappear!

The Sofitel is directly attached to T5 – you can walk from your hotel to the arrivals hall with just one lift!  I haven’t stayed at any other airport hotel that is quite so convenient.  And as it was built recently with T5 itself, the hotel is very modern and (in my opinion) stylishly designed.

The rooms themselves are a good size, and I adore the Sofitel ‘SoBed’ – for me it is one of the comfiest hotel beds out there.  I haven’t ever stayed in one of the suites, but I have covered all the standard room types.  To be honest, I am hard pressed to tell sometimes if I am in a Superior or Executive room…  the bed size can give it away if you look carefully, but as I am often by myself I’m hard pressed to notice!

There are also some excellent eating options here.  I haven’t ever had the breakfast, but had what must be the best burger I’ve had in a hotel in my last stay!

It might not be the cheapest option to stay at Heathrow (in fact, I think it might be the most expensive), but the comfort, convenience and location make it worth it for me every time, and it can be had for a bargain sometimes.  Just waking up in the morning without having to trudge on to a bus, face an unexpected payment for the bus to get to the airport and get stuck in traffic is a brilliant convenience, and makes me in a much nicer frame of mind to start my flight.

There are gym and spa facilities that I haven’t used available too, which could be a nice way to start a holiday.  And the parking is good value too – I left my car here for two nights on a quick trip to Nice the other week.

Oh and they spray the ‘sofitel scent’ in the whole corridor from the airport to the hotel.

I tend to stay at Sofitel’s and Accor hotels a lot, and have a Gold Card, which of course makes me want to go back to the chain as I get room upgrades, free drinks etc.  But even without this, I would stay here still.