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Upcoming travels

I have a few reviews still to publish over the next couple of weeks, but I’m excited at the travel ahead.

Well…  Not the first two!  Rio to London in BA economy in May – this’ll be my first time since 2012, and my first time on the 777-300 with the newer IFE.  BA operate a 3-3-3 on their 777s, one of an increasingly small number to do so.  

Whenever I’ve been booked in economy before I’ve been successful in getting an upgrade to Premium Economy, a cabin I like a lot.  Lately though it has been a lot more than economy when paying cash, and so close to business class in price it hasn’t seemed worth it.  But a good miles + money option, or all miles.

After, I have an Air France economy, in both the A330 and 777.  The first I haven’t done, but should be ok with 2-4-2 layout as I have done on other A330s.  However the 777 is 3-4-3.  The seat is pretty small…  Last time I had an exit row seat with infinite leg room, but a seat so narrow it actually squeezed me!  We will see… This time no exit row, so marginally wider as the table and TV isn’t in the arm rest.  

I enquired about an upgrade to AF, but seems that is only available with miles and I don’t have enough with Flying Blue, and the price to purchase would make it far too expensive.  Having said that, the business class on both these flights isn’t great, with no fully flat bed.  I am really intrigued to fly Premium Economy here, and will try for an upgrade at the airport of then have any deals – I’ve heard rumours of good offers.

Then a flight I’m looking forward to – Qatar Business Class on the 777-200.  This is a 2-2-2 layout, so a wide seat on a 777.  It’s not the latest cabin, but still a very highly regarded soft product and a decent hard product.  Can’t wait to see how it compares to the other One World carriers.