About Me

So for the last 2 and a half years, I have been blogging about having moved to Brazil.

In that time, I’ve ended up travelling back and forwards quite a lot, and on various different airlines, travel classes and hotels.

So, having taken some inspiration from reading lots of travel blogs, I thought I would start my own, and move out of the occasional post from my Brazil blog (www.britexpatinrio.com) in to a dedicated space for it, for those who are interested in reading!

But who am I?  I’m a 30 something British guy, who loves travelling, and in 2012 was re-located to Brazil for work.  Since then, I have travelled back and forth between Europe, the US and South America on various different airlines, stayed at various different hotels, and thought I would share some of that experience with you!

You can find me on Twitter @adam_fd

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