So what’s been happening?!

Sorry, it’s been a while with no update…  Far longer than I intended!

Since my last post I’ve had a flight on BA 777-300 WT+, which I’ve reviewed here before.  And this flight had nothing new to add, other than the route Rio London is now operated by BA’s World Fleet, rather than mixed.

I also had an economy flight on a 777-200, which had not yet had the cabin update.  This was a 4 class plane, which still feature BA’s old first class.  . I was quite intrigued to see, but unfortunately didn’t get the chance to take a peak.  There is only one single economy cabin in the back section of the plane here.  It seems BA are often running the 4 class 772 now on the Rio route, perhaps due to a turn down in demand.  It was always a 773 throughout 2014 and most of 15. Interestingly they have kept the 4 class, as back in 2012-13 the route was operated by a 3 class 772, so there must be a demand for first.. But I’d definitely be disappointed if I booked first and found a non-refurbished 772 with the old cabin…  But more details in another post!

Most recently I had an AA flight from Rio to Boston via Miami.  I was flying the long haul segment on AA’s newly refurbished 777-200, with the forwards backwards business, main cabin extra and standard economy.  For both ways we were flying MCE.  The second leg MIA to BOS was in a newly refurbished A320, also in MCE.  On the return it was a 757, and for a while business back to Rio… But more on that later!

Coming up are just a few domestic flights on Brazil on Azul and TAM.  Two of these are on an ATR-72, a plane I’ve never flown on before!  It’s been a while since I’ve been on a turbo prop and I’m actually quite excited!

In the distant future is my first A380 flight, and that I am very much looking forward to!

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